Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's downright cold!

What happened to Fall? It's so cold here! We had a few weeks of beautiful weather, but now it's freezing...literally! Last night we had a fire in the fireplace, which I would say is one of the few good things about really cold weather. Sweaters and warm soups being the others. :-) I keep hoping that the weather will turn back to Fall, but then I realize that it's almost Novemeber, so we probably won't be having many more "warm" days. I just wish Fall lasted longer!

This past weekend we spent Saturday night at a Halloween Party. It was a blast! Brian dressed up as the Joker from the latest Batman (The Dark Knight). His costume was amazing! I spent so much time helping him plan his costume, that I didn't even think about mine until the night before. Out of desperation I chose a witch costume. Everyone went all out on their costumes...it was hilarious! We had Britney and K-Fed, McCain and Cindy, and a Farmer's Daughter and her hillbilly husband. So funny!

This upcoming weekend we are doing our Trash the Dress photo shoot! I'm so excited about it. Our friends, James and Lindsay are doing the shoot for us. Mainly it's just an excuse to get back into my wedding dress and take some real pictures with Brian. Since we didn't get any shots of us from our wedding 4 years ago, it's time to get them now! (That's a long story, so if you don't know, just ask!) Hopefully we will get some good ones that we can frame. I'm not sure where we are going to take them, but I'm thinking Piedmont Park (those from ATL know what I'm talking about) might be a good choice. I don't think I will be bold enough to jump into any water, but laying in the grass or on "dirty" things will definitely be okay with me. I'm not going to purposefully try to ruin my dress, but I'm certainly not going to worry about messing it up. I hope it's not too freezing though. That would be pretty funny though, considering that when I took my Bridal Portraits I was SO HOT because it was August in FL....it would only make sense that for this shoot we would be FREEZING! haha I can't wait to have the pictures to post on here. :)