Friday, December 4, 2009

Publix Deals (12/3-12/9)

Pubilx always has GREAT deals!! If you aren't a regular Publix shopper, you need to be. There is a misconceived notion that Publix is more expensive then other grocery stores...this is not true!! You just have to know what to buy and when to buy it!

Here are the BEST deals at Publix this week....

Stove Top Stuffing - B1G1 (Buy 1, Get 1 Free) - $.85 each **Hint: You do NOT have to buy 2 to get the great price!

Scotch Magic Tape - B1G1 - $1 each
- Use $1 coupon from Publix Winter Savings Booklet (at the front of the store)
- Final Price = FREE
Idaho Potatoes - $.49 per pound
Bartlett Pears - $.99 per pound

Revelon Tweezers - $2.49
- Use $2.50 coupon from the Publix Advantage Buy Booklet (at the front of the store)
- Use $1 coupon from the Sunday Paper 11/15
- Final Price = FREE, plus $1.01 profit!
**Remember that you can use a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon on the same item!

Clorox Bleach - $1.67
- Use $.50/2 from Sunday Paper 10/4
- Final Price = $2.34 for 2 jugs
**Remember, Publix doubles all coupons $.50 or under (although, not in FL)

Covergirl Single Eyeshadow - $2.99
- Use $2 coupon from Publix Advantage Buy Booklet (at the front of the store)
- Use $1 coupon from the Sunday Paper
- Final Price = Free, plus $.01 profit!

Rite Aid Deals (11/29-12/5)

I'm back!!!! :-) I am finally feeling better after a very rough 1st and 2nd trimester and ready to share the deals with you! Hopefully you are still finding out about all the great deals from the websites I posted back in July. There are SOOOO many great deals out there right now!

Here's what I got FREE at Rite Aid today...

Gillette Fusion Power Razor - $9
- Use the $4 coupon from the Sunday Paper 11/29
- Request your Single Check Rebate ( for $5
- Final Price = FREE

Complete Multi-Purpose Contact Solution - $7.99
- Use the $1 coupon from the Sunday Paper 10/25
- Request your Single Check Rebate for $7.99
- Final Price = FREE, plus $1 profit!!

**After you enter your receipt on the Rite Aid Single Check Rebate website, wait until the end of the month to request your check. You can only request one check per month and there will be more deals! I always put a reminder in my e-mail calender on the last day of the month. That way, I won't forget to request the check. When the check comes, just deposit or cash it at your bank like any other check!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bye for now!

Well, I hate to stop this blog, but for this season in my life, I just can't keep up with all the deals! There are some GREAT sites out there to help you save tons of money!! Check them out!

I am still shopping all the deals, but just don't have the time or energy to blog about them. As most of you know, I am PREGNANT! So I am starting a new season in my where my focus will be more on my family then on my shopping. :) Check out my new blog: to keep up with our growing family!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Rite Aid Deals (July 5-11)

Rite Aid seems to run out of the sale items rather quickly, so I was a little disappointed that some of the items were not at my store. But I ended up with 2 things that I was pretty excited about! :)

Crest Pro Health Toothpaste - $2.59 - Use $.75 coupon (Sunday Paper) - Get back $1.84 in SCR = FREE

Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers - $8.99 - Use $2 coupon from PG Savings Booklet (request one here: = $4.99

Happy Shopping!

Walgreens Deals (July 5-11)

Just one exciting deal at Walgreens this week! But, it's a good one! :)

3 Participating Listerine or Reach Products (I got 2 Reach Ultraclean Toothbrushes and 1 Listerine 500ml mouthwash) - $3.49 each (one of mine rang up for $2.02) - Use 3 $2 coupons (printed a few weeks ago from - Get back $3 in Walgreens "money" = FREE-$1.47

CVS Deals (July 5-11)

Here are the deals at CVS this week! Sales end tomorrow, so get out there!

CVS 20 ct. Pencils - $.99 - Get back $.99 ECB = FREE

CVS 22 ct. Pantiliners - $.89 - Get back $.89 ECB = FREE

2 Dawn Dish Soaps - $1 each - Use $.25 coupon (Sunday Paper) & $.50 coupon (from PG Saver Coupon Booklet (request one here: = $.25 total

Happy Shopping!

Publix Deals (July 5-11)

I'm back!! :) For those that don't already know, I took a break for a while because we found out that we are expecting! After 2 years of trying to start a family, the Lord has finally blessed us! We are so thrilled and are anxiously anticipating our little peanut's arrival in early March! I have started a new blog to keep everyone up to date on the pregnancy. Check it out:

Alright, I just got home from some major deal shopping! Let's start with Publix! If you haven't been yet this week, head over there today or tomorrow for all the great deals! There are a TON! :)

3 Carefree 22 count Pantiliners - $1.39 each - Use $3 coupon in the Green Advantage Buy Flyer (at the front of the store) & 3 $.50 coupons (print here: = FREE (plus $1.83 overage)

2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks - B1G1 - Use $.50/2 coupon (print here: = $.84 each

2 Mueller's Whole Wheat Pastas - B1G1 - Use $1/2 coupon from Sunday paper = $.49 each

2 Blue Diamond Almonds - B1G1 - Use $.50/1 coupon (print here: and $.50/2 from Sunday Paper = $.59 each
**If you don't have the $.50/2 coupon from the Sunday Paper, just use the printable coupon.

Nature's Own Sandwich Bread - B1G1 = $1.75

Horizon Organic Milk - $3.49 - Use $.55 coupon (print here: and $1 store coupon (in the Greenwise Magazine at the front of the store) = $1.94

Muir Glen Tomato Paste (located in the organic section) - $.99-$1.09 - Use $1 coupon (print here: = Free-$.09

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent - $3.99 - Use $1 coupon (print here: = $2.99

$50 BP Gas Station Gift Card - Use $10 coupon in Publix Ad = $40

Happy Shopping!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Blogging Break

I have decided to take a little break from blogging for a few days. I hope to be back to my normal blogging routine in a few days. In the meantime, keep shopping the deals. Publix has a few good deals this week (pickles, mustard, almonds...) so check out their ad and find the best deals. Walgreens and Rite Aid have a few good deals (deodorant, toothpaste, wet ones, and stayfree pads), but CVS is having a down week. Let me know about any great deals you find this week!

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Walgreens (June 21-27)

It's a slow week at Walgreens. The only deal I went in for was free toothpaste. If you haven't noticed, toothpaste is always free somewhere! So, you should NOT be paying for toothpaste (or toothbrushes).

Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste (5.6-6 oz) - Use $1 coupon (print here: - Get back $3 in Register Rewards ("money" you can use next time you shop at Walgreens) = Free plus $1 overage

Rite Aid Deals (June 21-27)

I went in to Rite Aid today at about 1pm. I was very surprised to see that one of the deals I wanted was already sold out! YIKES! I am wondering if it was truly sold out or if they just decided not to put it out because it was such a good deal. Hmmm...I wonder? So, I only ended up buying 1 thing...the typical free toothpaste! :)

Crest Pro Health Enamel Shield Toothpaste (4.2 oz) - $2.69 - Use $.50 coupon (from Sunday Paper) - Get back a Rebate Check for $2.69 (Sign up here to get the rebate checks and to find out how the program works = FREE plus $.50 overage

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Publix Deals (June 18-24)

Publix never disappoints! The deals are always numerous and there is never any problems with coupons there! I mostly use the self checkout which is so user friendly! You scan your coupons yourself and I have never had any issues with them not ringing up right or missing any of them.

Here are the deals this week:

Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt (4pk.) - B1G1 ($1.25 each) - Use $1 coupon (print here: = $.25

Hebrew National Hot Dogs - B1G1 ($2.50 each) - Use $1 coupon (print here: = $1.49

Lucky Charms Cereal - B1G1 ($2 each) - Use $.50 coupon (printed from a few days is no longer available) = $.99

Edwards Singles Pies (Frozen) - B1G1 ($1.30 each) - Use $.75 coupon (from Sunday Paper) = $.55

Starbucks Ice Cream (16oz.) - B1G1 ($1.80 each) - Use $.150 coupon (print here: - $.30 **This website alternates between printing out $1 coupons and $1.50 coupons. You can print out 2 from each computer you use, so print twice to get the right one.**

Target Deals

There aren't any really thrilling Target Deals this week and most of these are ongoing, so no need to rush out right now. But you should print the coupons as soon as you can, because those disappear quickly! Target is still not my favorite place for deal shopping (don't get me wrong, I LOVE Target) but as far as couponing goes, the cashiers aren't very proficient. Every time I have gone the cashier has had problems ringing up my coupons. Like tonight, she wouldn't take off the lotion coupons because she said I had to buy a full size bottle. I told her that the coupon did not specify, so it should apply. She tried to argue with me, but there was a line forming, so she just did it. But she was so grumpy about it! I just don't understand why Target doesn't train their employees in handling coupons. I never use illegitimate coupons...I'm an honest couponer! So, I'm not sure how many Target Deal posts I will have in the future. But if the deals are too good to resist, I will be sure to post them! :)

Here's what I got tonight:

Crystal Light on-the-go 3 pack - $.99 - Use $1 coupon (print here: = FREE **These are located in the checkout lane**

1 lb. Driscoll Strawberries - $1.99 - Use $1 Target coupon (print here: = $.99

Kashi Frozen Waffles - $1.99 - Use $1.50 coupon (print here: = $.49

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Lotion (travel size) - $.97 - Use $1 coupon (print here: = FREE

Another Kroger Deal

Kroger has Nature Made Vitamins on sale B1G1 (Buy 1, Get 1 Free). You do not need to purchase 2 to get the sale price. I bought Calcium (60ct.) for $3.39 and then had a $1 off coupon that I had clipped from the Sunday Paper. So I got 60 days worth of calcium for $2.39! Not bad at all!! There are a TON of vitamin choices to choose from and it's still a good deal even if you don't have the $1 coupon.

Kroger Reminder

I just can't get over the great deal on Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade. I went back today and got 4 more! :) This lemonade is SO good!!! I personally love to mix it with a little vodka to make a refreshing treat, but it's also great alone! Print the $.75 coupon ( as many times as you want! The ones I purchased don't expire until 2011, so they will last for a long time in my pantry. The sale price should be 8 for $10 ($1.25 each). You do not have to buy 8 to get the sale price. After the coupon you will spend $.50 per juice. This sale ends on June 20th, so get to Kroger and stock up!

Walmart Deals

I had a list of several items I wanted to pick up at Walmart today (all GREAT deals), but I ended up walking out with only 2 of the items on my list. Of course, I did end up buying other things (hard to resist), but I was disappointed that some of the items on my list were not even sold in my Walmart. But I will post my whole list, just in case you are able to find these deals in your Walmart! Let me know if you do!!

DenTek Floss Picks (30 count) - $1 - Use $1 coupon (print here: = FREE

Tabasco Sauce (2 oz) - $.98 (I was hoping it would be $.68) - Use $.75 coupon (from in store display at Publix) = $.23

**Here are the deals that I was hoping to get, but couldn't. See if you can find them at your Walmart!

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade (they don't sell this at my Walmart) - $1.25 - Use $.75 coupon (print here: $.50

Chinet Lunch Plates 36 ct. (they don't sell these at my Walmart) - $2.84 - Use $2 coupon (from Sunday Paper) = $.84

Walgreens Deals (June 14-20)

I have added Walgreens to the stores that I will shop at! I did this because I had heard about the great deals you can get there. There system is similar to CVS, in that they do Register Rewards, where you buy a certain item(s) and get back "money" that you can use to purchase other things at Walgreens. I went in with my list today and came out with less then I thought I would, because some of the deals were not the same as the ad. Annoying! So, Walgreens is not my favorite deal place, yet, but I won't give up. The deals I got today were not ones that gave Register Rewards, so no money to spend the next time I shop.

Here are the 3 items I purchased today. You will need to pick up a Walgreens Ad (you can get these in the store) so you can get the Cottonelle Coupon from the front page of the ad.

Cottonelle Fresh Wipes (42 count) - $1.99 (with in-ad coupon) - Use $.50 coupon (that I got in the mail with a Cottonelle Sample) = $1.49

Reach Toothbrush & Floss - $.99 each - Use 2 $1 coupons (from Sunday Paper) = Both FREE

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cheap Bras!!! (Ends June 17)

Victoria's Secret is running a great deal until tomorrow! Get FREE SHIPPING on any bra purchase. This includes the sale bras! I just ordered 2 bras for $40. If you shop at VS often, you know how expensive those bras are, so to get 2 for $40 is a GREAT deal!! You could even get them cheaper, but I just picked ones that were a little more. The best thing is, if you don't like them when they arrive, you can always return them in the store nearest to need to ship them back.

Go to and shop the clearance bras and undies. Then at checkout, enter the code SHIPBRA and you will get free shipping for your entire purchase.

Kroger Deals (June 14-20)

Need some juice to help you cool off this summer? Kroger is having an amazing sale on organic lemonade! You can choose Strawberry Lemonade or Regular Lemonade. I only had the option of buying one Strawberry Lemonade because that's all that was left at our store. You can print this coupon out as many times as you want and then purchase as many lemonades as you want. The ones I bought don't expire until 2011, so I got 5! :)

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade & Strawberry Lemonade - $1.25 each - Use $.75 coupon (print here: = $.50 each

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast - $1.99 per lb. (STOCK UP!)

Peaches - $.78 per lb. (this is my "buy price"...good deal!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Publix Deals (June 11-17)

Publix is has some great deals right now! Lots of B1G1 items! Don't miss these great deals!

Knorr Pasta or Rice Sides - B1G1 - Use $.45 coupon (print here: = FREE

Pompeian Olive Oil - B1G1 - use $1 coupon (print here: = $1.99

Chex Mix - B1G1 - Use $.50 coupon (print here: = $.22

3 Stonyfield Organic Yogurts (6 oz. each) - $.60 each - Use $.50/3 coupon (print here: = $.26 each

All Small & Mighty Detergent - $3.99 - Use $1 coupon (print here: = $2.99

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kroger Deals (June 7-13)

This week's Kroger Deals are mostly repeats from last week. But there is one that I didn't do last week that I realized is a GREAT deal! Lysol Cleaning Supplies are 50% off! So here's what you can get for $2.65...

Lysol Bathroom Cleaner - $1.89 - Use $.50 coupon (print here: or get from Sunday Paper = $.89 total

2 Lysol All Purpose Cleaners - $1.59 each - Use 2 $.50 coupons (print here: or get from Sunday Paper = $.59 each

2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners - $1.29 each - Use 2 $.50 coupons (print here: or get from Sunday Paper = $.29 each

**You can buy as many of these cleaners as you have coupons for!**

I also did the yogurt deals again, from last week...

6 Yoplait Yogurts - $.50 each - Use $.45/6 coupon (print here: and Cellfire e-coupon for $.50/6 ( = $.26 each

Oikos Organic Yogurt - $1 - Use $.50 coupon (print here: = FREE

Happy Shopping!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Target Deals

2 great deals to point out for Target right now....

3 Johnson's Buddies Bars (Soap) - $.99 each - Use $3/3 coupon (print here: = FREE

Crystal Light On-the-Go 3 packs (in checkout lane) - $.99 each - Use $1/1 coupon (print here: = FREE

There are more deals to be had at Target. I will be posting those soon!!

Happy Shopping!

CVS Deals (June 7-13)

There are a few great deals at CVS this week. See my shopping list below to find out how to get 8 items for $2.34.

Transaction #1

Gillette Fusion Razor - $7.99 - Use $4 coupon (Sunday Paper) - Get back $4 in Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) = FREE

2 bottles Dawn Dish Soap - $1 each - Use $.25 coupon and $.50 coupon (Sunday Paper) - Get back $1 in ECBs = $.75 total

1 Ferbreze Noticeables & 1 Ferbreze Air Effects - $10 total - Use $.50 coupon and $1 coupon from coupon booklet ( - Get back $5 ECBs = $5 total

1 Mars Candy Bar (Dove Dark Chocolate) - $.67 - Use FREE coupon (Request these on Fridays - = FREE
**This was a filler item I purchased to get my total to $20 (before coupons) so I could first use my $4 off $20 CVS coupon. Be sure to give this coupon before you give any other coupons!

Grand Total: $10.88
Receive $10 ECBs

Transaction #2

2 boxes Kelloggs Mini Wheats - B1G1 - Use 2 $2 coupons OR 1 $1.50 off 2 coupon (print here: = $2.09 or $2.59 total

Use $1 ECB from first transaction and pay $1.46 or $1.96 in cash

So, you can get all of that for only $2.34 out of pocket! Not bad, right!? All it takes is some coupon clipping and a little planning.

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Save Money for College!!

If you haven't heard about the UPromise Savings Account, it's time to check it out. Even if you don't have kids yet, or if all of your children are grown, you can benefit from this program. You can save money for your future children or even your grand kids! This program requires you to spend NO money at all!! The way it works is that your UPromise account is attached to your grocery store cards (CVS card, Kroger card, or Publix UPromise card). You can also attach your account to your credit and debit cards. Then, each time you shop, a small percentage of your purchases will be credited to your UPromise account. So with each purchase you making, you are saving for your child's college. Then, when your child is ready for college, you will have a few thousand dollars saved up to help with the costs. No, you are not going to save up enough to pay for their entire college tuition, but why not take a few thousand FREE dollars!! I highly recommend that you check out their website and see how this program works.

Publix Deals (June 4-10)

The deals at Publix are not as exciting this week, but there are a few.

Breyers Ice Cream - B1G1 - Use $.75 coupon (Sunday Paper) = $1.74 total

2 GE Reveal Light Bulbs (4 ct.) - B1G1 - Use $1.50 coupon (Sunday Paper) = $.88 total

Corn on the cob - $.25 each

Kelloggs Raisin Bran Cereal - B1G1 - Use $1 coupon (printed from a few weeks ago) = $1 total

Cascade Rinse Aid - $3.49 - Use FREE coupon = FREE (Get this coupon book mailed to your house -

Publix American Cheese Singles (16 ct) - Use the $.01 coupon from the Sunday AJC = $.01 total

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kroger Deals May 31 - June 6

I have broken down the Kroger Ad this week into the best deals they have. So, here's what you need to buy!

Peaches - $.99 per lb.

Corn on the cob - $.25 each

Boneless/Skinless Chicken - $1.99 per lb. (STOCK UP!)

Lean Pockets - $1.69 each - use $.50 coupon (Sunday Paper) and $.40 e-coupon (load these coupons onto your Kroger card at the following sites:,,, and = $.29 Total

Oikos Organic Yogurt - B1G1 - use $.50 coupon (print here: = FREE

2 packs of Pringles - $1.50 each - use $1/2 coupon (Sunday Paper) and $.50/2 e-coupon = $1 Total

6 Yoplait Yogurts - $.50 each - use $.45/6 coupon (print here: and $.50/6 e-coupon = $2.05 Total

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Out of town!

We are spending a much needed week in FL, visiting family, so I'm not going to be posting the deals this week.  But, be sure to check out the AMAZING deals at CVS this week.  They are running some specials that end tomorrow, so check them out!  Even though we are on vacation, I still made sure to hit up CVS today for the deals.  I don't have time to blog about them or take a picture, but just know there are some great ones.  The best ones were...Colgate Total Toothpaste, Clearasil Face Wash, Sobe Life Water, Post Trail Mix Cereal, Bandaids, and Playtex Tampons.  

I will be back in town next weekend, so I will be sure to start blogging the deals when I return.  I hope you guys are finding these posts helpful!  I will most likely be changing my page a bit in the coming days and devoting it solely to money saving tips and weekly store deals.  What do you think?

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!!  

And if you haven't checked out my new blog, spend some time now!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Publix Deals (5/21-5/26)

Publix has some AMAZING deals this week! There are a bunch of things Buy One Get One Free this week (and remember, at Publix you do not have to buy 2 to get the deal...each item will ring up 1/2 price!)

If for nothing else, go to Publix to get these things:

1. A1 Sauce (B1G1) - $2.10 - Use $2 coupon (from Sunday Paper) = $.10

2. Kraft Salad Dressing (B1G1) - $1.49 - Use $1.50 coupon (from Sunday Paper) = FREE

3. Pedigree Dentastix (BIG1) - $1.90 - Use $2.50 coupon (print below) = Make $.60!!!

**Print coupon here:

4. Dixie Paper Plates (B1G1) - $1.50 - Use $.50 coupon (From Sunday Paper) (Publix doubles this) = Total $.50

5. Two containers of Helluva Good Dip (B1G1) - $1.00 each - Use 2 $.50 coupons (print below) = FREE

**Print coupon here:

Grand Total for 6 items: $.32(tax) - (Total savings: $17.95)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kroger Deals

Here are the deals for Kroger this week (until May 23). This is the week to stock up on boneless skinless chicken breasts! They are $1.99 per lb., so go get as many packs as you can hold in your freezer! :) Chicken prices will be going up in the near future (thanks to the recession) so you need to stock up now. To see how we store all our cheap chicken, check out my earlier post -

Green Giant Frozen Veggies (I bought 2, but you can buy as many as you have coupons for) - $1 each - Use $.50 coupon (Kroger doubles these) = FREE

**Print the coupon here:

Vitamin Water (I bought 2, but you can buy as many as you have coupons for) - $1 each - Use $.50 coupon = FREE

**Print the coupon here:

Quaker Quakes - $1 each - Use $.50 coupon (from Sunday paper) = FREE

Grand total: $.08 (even though everything is FREE, you still have to pay tax. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Target Deals

I've decided that Target is not my favorite place to get deals....I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Target and they do run good sales, but not a very coupon friendly place. I just got back from trying to get some deals there and the cashier was not very good. She tried to tell me that you can't "stack" a target coupon with a manufacturer's coupon...but you can!! So, I didn't get much, but thought I would share anyway.

Here's what I got:

  1. 2 Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs (I had to do 2 separate transactions for this, since the target coupon is one per transaction) - $2.04 each - Use $1 Target coupon and $1 manufacturer coupon) = $.04 each

2. Travel Size Coopertone Sunscreen - $.99 - Use $1 coupon = FREE

3. Travel Size Dove Deodorant - $.97 - Use $1.25 coupon from paper = FREE

**Grand Total: $.08

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Publix Deals

The deals at Publix this week are okay. I only bought the things I needed or use often that were on sale and I had a coupon for. So here are the deals:

Bic Lighters - B1G1 - Use $1 off coupon = $.75

Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt (4 packs) - B1G1 - Use $1.50 coupon = FREE (you actually make $.25 on this deal!)

2 boxes Smart Taste Pasta - 4/$5 - Use $1 off 2 coupon (from Sunday Paper) = $1.50 for 2 boxes

1 box Dreamfield Pasta - 3/$5 - Use $1 off coupon = $.67

Grand total: $2.67 (plus applicable tax)

**If you do nothing else, go get that Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt! You will make money and have 4 yogurts!! :)

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kroger Deals

Alright, time to head to Kroger! They have a few GREAT deals this week! Remember that Kroger doubles $.50 coupons, just like Publix!

Here's what I bought:
6 bottles of Vitamin Water 10 - On sale for $1 each - Used 2 B1G1 Free coupons (from Publix Flyer), 1 $1 off coupon (from Sunday Paper), and 1 $.50 off coupon (Print from link below) - $2 Total

1 Grill Mates Seasoning - On Sale for $1 - Used $1 off coupon (from Sunday Paper) - FREE!

1 Large bottle of French's Mustard - On sale for $1.50 - Used $.50 off coupon (Print from link below) - $.50 Total

1 bag of Mahatma Rice - On Sale for $.99 - Used $.50 off coupon (from Sunday Paper) - FREE!

So head over to Kroger and get your FREE items! :) My grand total was $2.74. I had a savings of 83%! Can't complain about that!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Publix Savings

If you haven't already noticed, I am really getting into the couponing and saving money lately! I have always been a fan, but have recently decided to step it up a notch...and I'm so glad I did! Today's Publix trip was one of our best ones yet.

Here's what we bought:

This should have cost us $60, but we spent $26!! I have attached our grocery list below, along with links to some of the coupons we used! The rest of the coupons were found in the Sunday Paper and Coupon Displays found in Publix.

2 boxes Back to Nature Organic Cookies - B1G1 Free & $1 off coupon - $2 total

1 loaf Whole Wheat Earth Grains Bread - 2/$5 - $2.50 total

1 bag Snyder's Pretzels - $2.99 (Unfortunately I didn't have a coupon for these)

1 loaf Crusty White Bread - $1.19 (No coupon)

Horizon Organic Milk - $3.59 & $1 off coupon - $2.59 total

1/2 pound Boar's Head Sandwich Meat - $4.07 (No coupon)

2 boxes of Frozen Green Giant Veggies - 10/$10 & 2 $1 off coupons - FREE!! -

1 Navel Orange - $.65 (No coupon)

1 bag Baby Carrots - B1G1 Free - $.85 total

1 bag Frozen Cheese Tortellini - $2.99 (No coupon)

2 ears of Corn - 8/$2 - $.50 total

3 boxes of Scotties Tissues - $.99 each & $1 off 3 boxes coupon - $2 total

1 box Cascadian Farms Cereal Bars - B1G1 Free & $1 off coupon - $1 total

1 packet Taco Seasoning Mix - $.75 (No coupon)

1 pack Hebrew National Hot Dogs - B1G1 Free & $1 off coupon - $1.50 total

1 bag Publix Chips - $.01 Coupon - $.01 total

2 boxes Post Trail Mix Crunch Cereal - B1G1 Free & 2 $2 off coupons - FREE!!

1 bottle Glass Plus Cleaner - B1G1 Free & $1 off coupon - $.25 total

So, now you can go to Publix and get some of the same deals! If nothing else, go and get the Green Giant Frozen Veggies and Post Cereal for FREE!!! And if you don't eat that kind of cereal, you can donate it to a local food bank!

Happy shopping!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Oh my word!! I have figured it out and it's GREAT!! If you have a CVS anywhere near you, you need to invest some time in figuring out how CVSing works! It's definitely worth it! I just got back from my CVS and my heart is pounding with excitement...who would think I would get this excited about saving money...but wait till you see why?!

So, here's what I bought: 5 12 packs of Coke Zero, 1 liter bottle of Listerine Mouthwash, 2 Colgate Toothpastes, and 1 9 pack of Charmin Toilet Paper. How much do you think this cost me?

In all, I spent $9.80 out of pocket.....BUT, I still have $5 in CVS bucks to spend next time I shop there. So, really I only spent $4.80!!!!!! AMAZING! If you want to do the same thing, here's what I did:

1. Buy 5 12 packs of Coke (any variety), hand the lady a $4 off $20 purchase coupon ( You can print one from there, or if your register your extra care card (the CVS card) online, they will e-mail you some!, then give the lady 5 $1 coke coupons (which I printed offline, but now I'm afraid they stopped allowing people to print them), then I already had $3.50 in CVS bucks, so I used that too. So my total was $7.75. But when you buy $20 in coke products, your receipt will print $10 in CVS bucks to use next time.

2. I then had my next purchase 1 pack of charmin ultrasoft, 2 colgate max toothpastes, and 1 listerine total care mouthwash. I had a $.25 coupon for the toilet paper (from the Sunday paper), a $.75 coupon and a $1 coupon for the toothpastes (from the Sunday paper), and a $2 coupon for the mouthwash (from the Sunday paper). Then I handed the lady my $10 CVS bucks from my last purchase (the cokes), and payed a total of $2.05. But, when you buy the Charmin you get $1 back in CVS bucks and when you buy the toothpaste (2 of them) you get $4 back in CVS bucks. So, now I have $5 left to spend on my next trip!

Man, this was fun!!! I definitely plan on continuing my CVSing! I'll try to post after each trip and then if you want to follow what I'm buying, I will lay it all out for you. But you will definitely need to start clipping coupons or printing them from the internet! That is key to making this system work for you!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Saving Money!

As many of you already know, I am a HUGE fan of coupons! We (yes, me and Brian) always do our grocery shopping on Sunday. I bring him with me to help with the number crunching involved in finding the best deals. But, since we were out of town this last weekend, I had to go grocery shopping alone today! It can be very dangerous when I go alone! But I was very proud of myself for sticking to my list and the item on sale! I have had several people ask me about how I do my grocery shopping and coupons, so I figured I would write a post about it. Today was not my best day of savings, but it was a typical week's grocery shopping trip and savings. So this will give you an idea...but know that you can do even better on other weeks! :)

Here's what I bought. How much do you think this would have cost (without any coupons or sale items)? Look closely at everything I bought - Shampoo & Conditioner, Ziploc Bags, Milk, 3 Large Boxes of Cereal, Organic Cookies, a week's worth of Boar's Head Sandwich Meat, All Natural Chicken Sausages, 3 Kashi Frozen Meals, Organic Cranberry Juice, 2 Cartons of OJ, and more!

So, how much? Well, if I hadn't used any coupons or shopped the sales, I would have spent $77.47 BUT....I only spent $43.67! Here's how I did it.....

1. Always shop the sales! This may go against what you would think, but even if you don't need it, if it's something you always use and doesn't go bad....BUY IT! For example, we drink orange juice everyday. With only 2 people drinking it, do we really need 2 cartons this week? Of course not! But, it was on sale AND I had a coupon!! Since it doesn't expire until the end of the month, I bought 2! Do we need 3 large boxes of cereal, of course not. But they were on sale (buy 2, get one free) and I had a 3 coupons (one for $1 off 3 boxes, one for a free reusable grocery bag when you buy 2 boxes, and one for a free gallon of milk when you buy 3 boxes). So in buying the 3 boxes I got a free gallon of milk, a reusable grocery bag, and a free box of cereal!

2. Always use coupons! This goes along with #1. If something is on sale AND you have a coupon for it...BUY IT! Don't let your coupons dictate what you buy....let the sales! Some people fall into the coupon trap of buying whatever they have a coupon for, thinking they are getting a good deal. But, that's not always the case. Sometimes the item you have a coupon for is the most expensive. Make sure you do the math to see if it is cheaper to use your coupon or to buy a different brand. (That's why I bring Brian!) If something you regularly use is on sale, check to see if you have any coupons for it...if so, stock up!

One last money saving tip for you....NEVER pay full price for boneless/skinless chicken breasts. These can be very pricey! BUT....I never pay more than $1.99 per pound. When it goes on sale, I buy a BUNCH of packs. Then when I get home, Brian and I spend a few minutes preparing them for the freezer. First, we trim off any fat, then we pound them (this makes the cooking process faster when the chicken is thinner), then we wrap them individually in plastic wrap, and place the wrapped pieces into large ziploc bags and freeze them. Then, whenever we want chicken for dinner, I take out the number of pieces I need and defrost them in the fridge overnight. Yes, it would be easier just to freeze the whole pack as is, but when you only need 2 pieces or if you need 4 or 5, it won't work. The packs usually have 3 pieces in them. If we only need 2, we would be wasting the 3rd. Plus, we are doing all the prep work up front, which makes cooking much easier!

So, where do I get my coupons? Several places: The Sunday Paper, websites ( and, company websites (I search for the different products that I buy regularly), store flyers (Don't pass up the flyer stand at the front of the store. Publix always has a bunch of coupons up there!), and coupon dispensers on the aisles. I have a very detailed and organized way of storing and sorting my coupons, but I won't go into that on here. But find a way that works for you. It definitely takes time to get used to using coupons and will take some trial and error in finding out the best way that works for you. But don't give up! You will love seeing how much you save each week! It's like a game for us now. We can't wait to see how much we can save! :) It definitely makes grocery shopping more fun!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unexplained Infertility

We finally have a diagnosis for our fertility problems...well, not really! We have unexplained infertility. Which essentially means that they don't know why we aren't getting pregnant. We are essentially right where we started. This was my biggest fear before we started testing...that we would go through it all and come out on the other end with no answers. Again, I am happy that nothing is wrong, but frustrated that we have no answers. My obgyn said that our next step is to go to an infertility specialist (RE) and do a few cycles of Clomid with IUI (interuterine insemination). But since none of that would be covered by our insurance, we are waiting. The initial consulation alone will be $250, and that's just to talk to the doctor! So, we wait on the Lord! It's definitely a hard road, but the Lord has given me so much peace! I'm so thankful for that!! I did start taking some vitamins this cycle (B6 and a B complex) as I have read that those can help improve your, we'll see. I figure that they might not do anything, but at least they won't harm anything either.

So the journey continues. It is completely in the Lord's hands...just where it needs to be!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring! :)

Spring is here!! :) I LOVE this time of year! Everything is's like a brand new start. The air is cool and crisp with the smell of blooming flowers! LOVE IT! I have been spending a lot of time outside lately...running/walking & reading on the back porch. I can't wait for it warm up a bit, so I can lay out and get some sun!

Well, we have finished the preliminary round of infertility testing. I went yesterday morning for the final blood draw. This one tested my progesterone level. I should find out the results tomorrow. The HSG x-ray went well...not nearly as painful as I expected. The doctor immediately told me that everything looked good (no blockage), so that was comforting. Then my doctor followed up with a more thorough look at the pictures he took and said everything was good news. Unlike the first blood test, when I was disappointed that they found nothing wrong, I was thrilled that this test was normal. To have blocked tubes would not have been good. Now I am hoping that this progesterone test will reveal something abnormal, therefore explaining our problems conceiving. But, who knows?! From what I've heard, the next step will be to start Clomid for 4-5 cycles (maximum). I have high hopes that Clomid will do the trick. Although, I am still waiting for my cycle to start for this maybe this will be the month?! I have learned over the last 19 months to not get my hopes up too much, however, the Lord has really given me a peace as of late about that. I truly believe that he is going to bless us with a pregnancy and healthy baby SOON! :)

In other news...I am going today to meet a lady that works with the youth at Perimeter. I am hoping to become a mentor to one of the Senior High Girls. I have had a desire to work with High Schoolers for a while now, but the opportunity had not presented itself until now. So I am excited to see how the Lord is going to use me in this area. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yesterday I got the results from my blood tests that I had run last week. Everything came back normal. These results brought me mixed emotions...Of course I am happy that nothing is wrong with my hormone levels, however I am also a bit disappointed. I was sort of hoping that they would find something a little off with my hormones and then be able to work it out with some meds. That seemed like the easiest "solution". But, that's not how the Lord has this planned. So, now the next step is to do the HSG x-ray of my fallopian tubes. This is where they will shoot some dye into my fallopian tubes and check for blockage. I know that this procedure itself isn't a huge deal (although it is possibly going to be pretty painful), however it's what they could find that scares me a bit. I was hoping for an "easy fix" and now it looks like it might be something more "major" that might involve surgery of some sort. The x-ray has been scheduled for Thursday morning. My parents will be in town that day, so I will have my mom here to take care of me, which is definitely nice! Brian is going to go with me to the appointment (and my mom too!) so that I won't be all alone. I've heard that the actual test only takes about 10 minutes and is more painful if you do have some sort of blockage. After the test I expect to have some cramping for the remainder of the day. I am also hoping that they will be able to give me some preliminary results on the day of the test.

Once this test is over (and if it comes back normal), I'm not sure what the next step is. It is possible that the doctor would put me on Clomid for a few cycles to see if that helps, but I'm not sure. I'm sure there are other tests they can run also...who knows. I guess eventually this could all lead to IUI or IVF....we'll see. For now we are just trusting that the Lord will lead us through this. Something I have wrestled with in the past (and continue to) is trying to figure out the balance between relying on the Lord and the actions we should take. My latest thoughts on that are that no matter what we do (sit around and do nothing or go through every possible test) the outcome will be the same. I know that the Lord will open my womb in His timing, no matter what I do. So, we are left with the choice of action (do these tests) or idle waiting (not doing all these tests). We have chosen, for now, to take action. We don't know what means the Lord has planned out for us, but this testing may be the way He has planned for us to become parents. So, we act...we completely trust the Lord and understand that He is in complete control. We know that there is nothing we can or can't do to change His plan and we are thankful for that! I know that one day we will look back on this time and see the Lord's hand in all of this. We will understand more clearly all of our "why" questions. Until then, we walk in faith, relying on the Lord for all our needs!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Let the fun begin!

Today was the start of my infertility testing. Fun! I had a lab appointment at 11am this morning and had to fast for it. So I tried to stay in bed for as long as possible so I wouldn't get too hungry! (Food is a big deal to me!) haha The appointment wasn't a big deal at all, they just took 3 vials of blood and are testing 5 different hormones (LH, FSH, Prolactin, Insulin, and another one that I can't remember right now) :) I should be getting the results from those tests on Tuesday (just have to wait for 3+ days). Besides a sore elbow, where they drew the blood, nothing too traumatic. Once we hear back about the results of this testing, we will determine the next step. There are several options. If there is something off balance with these hormone tests, then I would imagine that the doctor will put me on some meds to balance that out and then we will wait a few months and see if that helps. But if the tests come back normal, then the next step will either be another blood test or an x-ray (not sure which would come first). I'm just glad to have this next chapter of our story started. We are fully trusting the Lord to get us through this and to walk with us step by step.

Tonight we are heading to Medieval Times with some friends. I think it's hilarious that we are going! We've never been to anything like this, so it should be interesting. I am definitely going to have to have a few drinks to make it even more enjoyable. :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My newly decorated laundry room!

Well, Brian has been out of town for the last 2 days (and won't be home till Monday) so, I decided that I wanted to decorate and organize our laundry room! I finished in 2 days and LOVE it!! So now I still have 2 days to do another room....hmmm, I wonder which one I should do! Maybe I'll try planning our new half bath. So, here are the pictures of what I did. Tell me what you think!

I hot glued some dark brown satin ribbon onto the blinds. I saw this idea in a magazine! Love it!

And yes, I can still pull the blinds up...I just don't want to do it often because I'm afraid I'll wrinkle the ribbon.

Message board - I attached a Tide-to-go pen with velcro to the board and then put a hook on the bottom to hold a tape messurer. Then I put up a big pink clip to hold the laundry bag for delicates.

I got a new ironing board cover that I LOVE!

New rug that I got on sale at World Market for $24!! :)

I bought a label maker and couldn't resist labeling the baskets in the cabinets!