Saturday, February 14, 2009

My newly decorated laundry room!

Well, Brian has been out of town for the last 2 days (and won't be home till Monday) so, I decided that I wanted to decorate and organize our laundry room! I finished in 2 days and LOVE it!! So now I still have 2 days to do another room....hmmm, I wonder which one I should do! Maybe I'll try planning our new half bath. So, here are the pictures of what I did. Tell me what you think!

I hot glued some dark brown satin ribbon onto the blinds. I saw this idea in a magazine! Love it!

And yes, I can still pull the blinds up...I just don't want to do it often because I'm afraid I'll wrinkle the ribbon.

Message board - I attached a Tide-to-go pen with velcro to the board and then put a hook on the bottom to hold a tape messurer. Then I put up a big pink clip to hold the laundry bag for delicates.

I got a new ironing board cover that I LOVE!

New rug that I got on sale at World Market for $24!! :)

I bought a label maker and couldn't resist labeling the baskets in the cabinets!


Brown Family Blog said...

I love it...can you come organize my house?!?! I can organize but it never seems to stay that way. Plus I am REALLY tired lately. :o) I love the label maker. Oh and love the memo board picture. Great ideas...I may have to steal. :o)

Sabrina said...

Thanks! :) You are more than welcome to steal my ideas! I stole them from other people. :)