Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unexplained Infertility

We finally have a diagnosis for our fertility problems...well, not really! We have unexplained infertility. Which essentially means that they don't know why we aren't getting pregnant. We are essentially right where we started. This was my biggest fear before we started testing...that we would go through it all and come out on the other end with no answers. Again, I am happy that nothing is wrong, but frustrated that we have no answers. My obgyn said that our next step is to go to an infertility specialist (RE) and do a few cycles of Clomid with IUI (interuterine insemination). But since none of that would be covered by our insurance, we are waiting. The initial consulation alone will be $250, and that's just to talk to the doctor! So, we wait on the Lord! It's definitely a hard road, but the Lord has given me so much peace! I'm so thankful for that!! I did start taking some vitamins this cycle (B6 and a B complex) as I have read that those can help improve your fertility...so, we'll see. I figure that they might not do anything, but at least they won't harm anything either.

So the journey continues. It is completely in the Lord's hands...just where it needs to be!

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Brown Family Blog said...

Will be praying for you as you head into the next step. :O)