Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kroger Deals

Alright, time to head to Kroger! They have a few GREAT deals this week! Remember that Kroger doubles $.50 coupons, just like Publix!

Here's what I bought:
6 bottles of Vitamin Water 10 - On sale for $1 each - Used 2 B1G1 Free coupons (from Publix Flyer), 1 $1 off coupon (from Sunday Paper), and 1 $.50 off coupon (Print from link below) - $2 Total

1 Grill Mates Seasoning - On Sale for $1 - Used $1 off coupon (from Sunday Paper) - FREE!

1 Large bottle of French's Mustard - On sale for $1.50 - Used $.50 off coupon (Print from link below) - $.50 Total

1 bag of Mahatma Rice - On Sale for $.99 - Used $.50 off coupon (from Sunday Paper) - FREE!

So head over to Kroger and get your FREE items! :) My grand total was $2.74. I had a savings of 83%! Can't complain about that!


Suzanne said...

First of all, did you do the math to find out the percentage of savings all by yourself? If you did, I am soooooo impressed!!

So I have been meaning to tell you about my coupons the other day. It wasn't as good as your 83%, but it was still pretty good. :) At Publix Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner was $3.15 per bottle. They each had a $.50 off sticker on them and I had a coupon for $2.00 off. So my bottles should have been a total of $6.30, but I got them for $3.30. Pretty good, right?

Sabrina said...

Nope...the Kroger reciept tells you the percentage of savings on the bottom!! :) haha But glad you thought I might be able to do that on my own! ;)

I am SO proud of you and the Herbal Essence deal!!! You did GREAT! :) Always a good feeling to save money! Keep it up girl!