Sunday, May 10, 2009

Publix Savings

If you haven't already noticed, I am really getting into the couponing and saving money lately! I have always been a fan, but have recently decided to step it up a notch...and I'm so glad I did! Today's Publix trip was one of our best ones yet.

Here's what we bought:

This should have cost us $60, but we spent $26!! I have attached our grocery list below, along with links to some of the coupons we used! The rest of the coupons were found in the Sunday Paper and Coupon Displays found in Publix.

2 boxes Back to Nature Organic Cookies - B1G1 Free & $1 off coupon - $2 total

1 loaf Whole Wheat Earth Grains Bread - 2/$5 - $2.50 total

1 bag Snyder's Pretzels - $2.99 (Unfortunately I didn't have a coupon for these)

1 loaf Crusty White Bread - $1.19 (No coupon)

Horizon Organic Milk - $3.59 & $1 off coupon - $2.59 total

1/2 pound Boar's Head Sandwich Meat - $4.07 (No coupon)

2 boxes of Frozen Green Giant Veggies - 10/$10 & 2 $1 off coupons - FREE!! -

1 Navel Orange - $.65 (No coupon)

1 bag Baby Carrots - B1G1 Free - $.85 total

1 bag Frozen Cheese Tortellini - $2.99 (No coupon)

2 ears of Corn - 8/$2 - $.50 total

3 boxes of Scotties Tissues - $.99 each & $1 off 3 boxes coupon - $2 total

1 box Cascadian Farms Cereal Bars - B1G1 Free & $1 off coupon - $1 total

1 packet Taco Seasoning Mix - $.75 (No coupon)

1 pack Hebrew National Hot Dogs - B1G1 Free & $1 off coupon - $1.50 total

1 bag Publix Chips - $.01 Coupon - $.01 total

2 boxes Post Trail Mix Crunch Cereal - B1G1 Free & 2 $2 off coupons - FREE!!

1 bottle Glass Plus Cleaner - B1G1 Free & $1 off coupon - $.25 total

So, now you can go to Publix and get some of the same deals! If nothing else, go and get the Green Giant Frozen Veggies and Post Cereal for FREE!!! And if you don't eat that kind of cereal, you can donate it to a local food bank!

Happy shopping!


Brown Family Blog said...

I asked the Publix out here if they take Food Lion as a competitor's coupon and they said yes. Food Lion has a lot of coupons for $1 off $5 in produce. I do think it varies from Publix to Publix. There are two that we are smack dab between. One takes Target as competitors and the other one doesnt. I think I will be shopping at the one that does from now on.:O) I got graham crackers the other day for $1 because they did.

Sabrina said...

I was going to try to use that Food Lion coupon today, but got nervous. There aren't any Food Lion's anywhere around just figured it wasn't really their competitor. But I might have to try it again sometime.

Brown Family Blog said...

I know how you feel. There arent any around here either. I had stopped in there to get something at the customer service desk and the lady ahead of me was using them and they said they took them. When we went shopping tonight at one near my parents house (they kept the kids for us) I just stopped at the customer service desk and asked if they did before I started shopping and they said yes. I got Jello pudding for free tonight! :O)