Thursday, June 18, 2009

Publix Deals (June 18-24)

Publix never disappoints! The deals are always numerous and there is never any problems with coupons there! I mostly use the self checkout which is so user friendly! You scan your coupons yourself and I have never had any issues with them not ringing up right or missing any of them.

Here are the deals this week:

Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt (4pk.) - B1G1 ($1.25 each) - Use $1 coupon (print here: = $.25

Hebrew National Hot Dogs - B1G1 ($2.50 each) - Use $1 coupon (print here: = $1.49

Lucky Charms Cereal - B1G1 ($2 each) - Use $.50 coupon (printed from a few days is no longer available) = $.99

Edwards Singles Pies (Frozen) - B1G1 ($1.30 each) - Use $.75 coupon (from Sunday Paper) = $.55

Starbucks Ice Cream (16oz.) - B1G1 ($1.80 each) - Use $.150 coupon (print here: - $.30 **This website alternates between printing out $1 coupons and $1.50 coupons. You can print out 2 from each computer you use, so print twice to get the right one.**


Suzanne said...

So I like how you are now finding pictures (on Google perhaps?) instead of taking pictures. So cute! Love you!

Sabrina said...

Thanks girl! :)

ash said...

I have never, ever seen a Publix with self check out. Good to know they are out there somewhere!

acmyer said...

We just went to publix - spent $15 (mostly on 10 boxes of veggie burgers) and saved $46. 30 cents for starbucks pints? 15 cents for craisins? Out of control. We're totally addicted to couponing. So, I guess you're my enabler :o)

Sabrina said...

I love that I'm your enabler! :) I didn't know about the craisins deal though! That sounds like a good one! :)

Sabrina said...

Yeah, the self checkout is amazing! I have only ever seen it at our Publix, here in Atlanta.