Thursday, June 18, 2009

Walmart Deals

I had a list of several items I wanted to pick up at Walmart today (all GREAT deals), but I ended up walking out with only 2 of the items on my list. Of course, I did end up buying other things (hard to resist), but I was disappointed that some of the items on my list were not even sold in my Walmart. But I will post my whole list, just in case you are able to find these deals in your Walmart! Let me know if you do!!

DenTek Floss Picks (30 count) - $1 - Use $1 coupon (print here: = FREE

Tabasco Sauce (2 oz) - $.98 (I was hoping it would be $.68) - Use $.75 coupon (from in store display at Publix) = $.23

**Here are the deals that I was hoping to get, but couldn't. See if you can find them at your Walmart!

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade (they don't sell this at my Walmart) - $1.25 - Use $.75 coupon (print here: $.50

Chinet Lunch Plates 36 ct. (they don't sell these at my Walmart) - $2.84 - Use $2 coupon (from Sunday Paper) = $.84

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