Sunday, June 7, 2009

Save Money for College!!

If you haven't heard about the UPromise Savings Account, it's time to check it out. Even if you don't have kids yet, or if all of your children are grown, you can benefit from this program. You can save money for your future children or even your grand kids! This program requires you to spend NO money at all!! The way it works is that your UPromise account is attached to your grocery store cards (CVS card, Kroger card, or Publix UPromise card). You can also attach your account to your credit and debit cards. Then, each time you shop, a small percentage of your purchases will be credited to your UPromise account. So with each purchase you making, you are saving for your child's college. Then, when your child is ready for college, you will have a few thousand dollars saved up to help with the costs. No, you are not going to save up enough to pay for their entire college tuition, but why not take a few thousand FREE dollars!! I highly recommend that you check out their website and see how this program works.

1 comment:

Abigail Gospodarec said...

I wish we had Kroger. I've got a Upromise account. I've saved $6 so far... I wish I had more people linked up to it so they can save me money too... I can always link you and at the rate you shop, you'll be saving me SOOOO much money!!!! HA!