Thursday, February 21, 2008

Friday is here! Well, almost...

Everytime I hear myself, or someone else, say "Yeah, it's Friday" I have this little voice inside that reminds me that looking forward to the weekends really isn't right. Why do we just want to rush through the weeks to get to the weekends? Aren't the week days just as important? Our lives are so short already. I mean, do the math...our lives consist of many more week days then weekends. I am so guilty of this! And the worst part is that I am teaching another generation, every day, to feel the same way as me. We make Friday a "fun" day and make the weekends seem like such a great thing. Of course, the weekends are wonderful and I am a HUGE fan...but I just need to take a step back and try to enjoy everyday!

So, here's to Friday....and Monday and Tuesday and...... :-)

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