Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday's are so sweet!

Why can't every day be Saturday? It truly is the perfect day. You get to sleep in, eat a real breakfast (not just a banana while running out the door for work), catch up on your chores, lay around and relax, and spend time with the most important people in your life. What could be better? The only negative thing about this Saturday would be all the basketball that's on tv. Brian is currently watching the Gators kick some Georgia butt, which is a GREAT thing, of course, but he is also dozing off in the chair. I just keep chuckling as I watch his little head bob side to side as he struggles to remian awake enough to claim that he is "watching the game". If I try to snatch the remote from his hand, he will wake up and say, "Hey, I was watching that, go back!" Then we will discuss how he was actually NOT watching, but was sleeping. He will then get offended that I won't just let him "watch". Is it really worth the discussion? Nah, I'll just keep the game on to make him happy.

So, we just got back from Sam's, which really is a great store! We don't go very often, but it just happens that we were there last weekend too. Everytime before we go, we make a list of some things that we might want to pick up there and the list is so short. But some how we manage to rack up a bill for at least $100 every time we go. Buying in bulk is definitely the way to go for most things, but it sure hurts to pay the price all up front. But now I have enough bathroom cups to last a life time and enough toothpaste to brush my teeth 5 million times. :-) And if you need any cottonelle wet wipes, come on over to my house. hehe (Gotta keep it clean, you know!) So, today when we were in Sam's we were walking down an aisle and this random guy came up behind us and said to Brian "Hey, your wife would be pretty good looking if she weren't wearing that awful shirt." I am wearing a GATOR shirt to show my Florida pride! He is a Bulldog fan and didn't appreciate my love of the best team around! He proceeded to tell us a story about a time that he was in Gainesville and he went into a Gator store. He asked the lady that worked there if they had any Georgia things for sale. She said, "Oh yea, come back here." She took him into a back room and handed him a roll of Bulldog toilet paper. They wipe themselves with the bulldogs! I thought that was pretty good and really am considering trying to find some of that toilet paper for my house! I would just love to invite over all my Georgia friends on the night of the FL/GA game and have them using the GA toilet paper. How great would that be! :-) I don't know where my deep hatred for the Bulldogs comes from, but it only started when I moved to ATL. I never even knew anything about the Bulldogs when I lived in FL. I used to despise the Seminoles and now I don't ever think about them. I guess my hatred has changed based on my location.

Alright, well now that I have surely offended half of the people that read this blog, I better go find something else to do. But I still love you girls even if you are GA or FL State fans. Some day the Lord will show you your sin. haha (Just kidding!)

Love you all!

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Suz said...

i cannot even believe you had the nerve to chat with me so sweetly on AIM while writing this trash - now that's sin!

oh beans, if i didn't love your heart so much...i'd be done with you! haha just kidding - and GOOO DAWGS!