Friday, February 8, 2008

Someone is actually reading this!!!!

I am so excited to see that several of my friends are reading my blog! That makes me want to write even more. Thanks girls!

So, here is a funny story from today at work (most of my funny stories happen in my classroom-I mean I work with 36 seven and eight year olds, what do you expect) So, today we were watching a movie (Arctic Tale) and this was a real treat for the kids because we rarely watch movies in school. But we have so much work to do for parent-teacher conferences, so we really needed them to be busy so we could work in peace. :-) Anyway, so the movie was on and I was out in the hallway reading one on one with one of my students. When we came back in, there was a walrus on the screen and it was making some very strange noises! The students were all giggling and once I realized what was happening, I blurted out, "Eww, is that walrus farting?" Oh my word, you would not believe the laughter that comment brought. To hear their teacher say the word "farting" was SO hilarious to them! And to top it off, the walrus was definitely farting for the next minute or so. It was truly disgusting! :-) (If you haven't seen that movie, you must now see it just for the laughs you will get from the farting walrus scene)

It is really so funny to work with young kids. They get the biggest kick out of the smallest things. Their ability to laugh at the most random things should be a lesson for us. Why can't we laugh, even at the most inappropriate times? Why are we all so serious? At what point in our lives do we lose our sense of humor? We just all need to let lose sometimes and laugh! Life is too short to take it SO seriously. I mean, I'm not saying that life isn't a serious thing or that there aren't very serious moments we must face as adults, but our lives would be so much more enjoyable if we would take some time to relax! So, the moral of this story is do something fun tonight! It's Friday! Have some fun! :-)


Pineda Family said...

That is too funny! And your is Friday night we should all do something fun! Wait! So why am I still here?! (lol) Probably because Kevin is still at work. (oh well)

Good blog you made me laugh!! :o)

Amy Middleton said...

that's great!