Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I am so happy to be home right now. After a long week of parent-teacher conferences, leaving early today was a well deserved break! I just really wish that we didn't have to go to work tomorrow. But we do have a 3 day weekend!

So, it's Valentine's Day. A day full of heart shaped boxes of chocolates, red roses, little Valentine's Cards, and hugs and kisses. Being an elementary school teacher on a day like today is so much fun! Watching the kids pass out their little Valentine's cards is so precious! They are so innocent and adorable. I remember Valentine's Day being so much fun when I was in elementary school. The best part was reading the valentine's from the boys that I "liked". But now that I'm all grown up, Valentine's Day isn't nearly as exciting. I mean, every day is Valentine's with Brian! :-) haha (That was so cheesy!) If I see one more heart shaped box of chocolates I might scream! I can't even tell you how much candy I got today. Wow, so much! But the best part of the day was getting all those hugs from my little kiddies. They are so sweet on Valentine's Day.

I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day, even if it is the same as every other. :-)

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Amy Middleton said...

yeah I think I want to be a teacher just for the holiday's...maybe I'll start substitute teaching strategically around Christmas and Valentine's! haha.